A new collar for the dog

While I could never truly love my dog as much as my son (because it is a different kind of love) I love my dog like a child. I understand why the term “fur babies” exists. Journey is one of the sweetest and best-behaved dogs I have ever come across and I am very lucky to have her in my life. She deserves all the credit for her temperament because we had to do very little to train her. Anyway, she was due for a new collar. Her old one still functions fine (so we will hold onto it as a backup) but we certainly didn’t clean it as much as we probably should have so it was getting a bit grimy.

After some browsing and debating, including forgetting to buy a new collar from the gift shop at The Alchemist Brewery, I came across an opportunity where I was offered a free collar in exchange for writing about it and sharing it on various social media platforms. This is the collar I chose http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0799MFZN in the Peal Green Floral pattern.

Overall, I was amazed by the number of designs to choose from. The link above is to the floral pattern line, but they also have 11 other sets of designs for a total of around 90 different collars to choose from. Some of the other designs include Easter, Independence Day, birthday, dessert, St. Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and heart motifs.

When I opened it I was surprised by the sizing of the collar. I ordered a medium just like the one Journey has had for the past several years. The new collar from PetTastic was much larger though.

As you can see from the pictures the PetTastic collar is both thicker and wider than the old collar which is from Petco. I had to double check to make sure that I didn’t accidentally end up with a large collar instead of a medium but it is, in fact, a medium. It has a 1-inch wide neoprene liner and the printed polyester webbing is 3/4″ wide. The neoprene layer accounts for most of the added thickness as well. Given how thick Journey’s coat is the extra thickness doesn’t make much difference to her, but I can imagine that might provide so added comfort to dogs with shorter hair and thinner coats.

There is another unique aspect to this collar that I like which is the separate eyelet for ID tags. I haven’t switched them over yet, but in the lower of the two pictures above you can see that eyelet below the PetTastic logo. This will eliminate the possibility of accidentally hooking the leash to the keyring instead of directly to the collar.

We haven’t used it enough to say whether it will perform any different over a long period of time, but so far I like what I see.

It will take a little getting used to after having the same collar for years but it looks pretty good on Journey and she seemed happy with it.

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