Packing Cubes Help Make Packing Luggage Easier

I don’t get away from home very often for long enough to require a suitcase. When I do plan to be away long enough for it to make sense to use a suitcase, instead of just a large backpack, I tend to live out of the suitcase instead of putting my clothes away into drawers. I’m not sure why. I just haven’t gotten into that habit.

Until recently I would just leave the dirty clothes in a pile next to the suitcase and cycle through my clothing for the duration of my stay. I have now adopted the use of packing cubes.

What are packing cubes?

They are essentially just smaller bags that are designed to fit into your suitcase while making it easier to organize your belongings. I bought some on by Amelleon. They offer a six-piece set for less than $15. The set consists of

– 1 Ultra-large packing cube: 18.1″x13″x4.7″

– 2 Large packing cubes: 13.8″x10.6″x3.9″

– 1 Medium packing cube: 11.8″x7.9″x3.2″

– 1 shoes bag: 13″x9.1″x4.7″

– 1 laundry bag: 20.9″x15″

I found it easy to organize my jeans, shirts, socks and underwear, some athletic clothes and running shoes with these bags. The laundry bag made it easy to put the dirty items aside and keep things in order.

I kind of wish the bags didn’t have the mesh side and were just a continuous fabric like the shoe bag and the laundry bag, but they seem to be made well enough to handle moderate use from most travelers but the lightweight material might not hold up for people who truly live out of their suitcases.

For me, they definitely made packing easier by helping me keep track of what I already packed and helping to determine how much of any one type of clothing would make sense for my trip.

Would you consider packing cubes to make packing your luggage simpler and more organized?

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