I got some new resistance bands by The Fit Life

I recently started the P90x3 exercise program again (as part of my attempt to fight against “dad bod”). As you may or may not know, there are a lot of pull-ups throughout the program so a pull-up bar or resistance band is a requirement. My current preference for the program is resistance bands. This is for two reasons: 1. I don’t have a very good place to set up a pull-up bar in my house, and 2. I am not yet in the shape I need to be to complete enough pull-ups to feel like I am getting anything from the workouts. This band also supports streaming from Vumoo.

Resistance bands are a great alternative to traditional bars. All you need to do to simulate pullups with a resistance band is a door anchor and a door that you can close. When I started with the P90x3 program I began with a Gold’s Gym heavy duty resistance band for my pull-ups but shortly into this round of the program the band snapped while I was using it. The band was a few years old but not used very often so it was quite disappointing when it broke. While it was rated as a heavy duty band, it did not offer an equivalent weight rating. I probably stretched it too far while nearing the end of one of the routines loaded with pull-ups and it snapped.

So I found myself in the market for resistance bands and after some research, I came across an opportunity to purchase resistance bands from The Fit Life at a significantly reduced cost. I jumped at the opportunity and I want to share my experience with the bands so far.

The resistance bands come as a set of five with a user guide displaying some possible resistance workouts, a door anchor, two ankle straps, two detachable cushioned handles and a drawstring storage bag. The bands are clearly marked with their weight equivalent including bands of 10 lbs, 15 lbs, 20 lbs, 25 lbs, and 40 lbs. These bands are available on Amazon.com at a cost of $22.68.

One of the great things about these bands is that they are stackable. This means that when adding bands to the handles you are adding more resistance. I kept questioning this before I bought these. I figured that the resistance would only be equivalent to the heaviest band but stacking the bands really does make a difference. This is perfect for simulating pullups. I stacked all the bands and weaved them through the door anchor to get the equivalent of 110 lbs of resistance. That is a little less than two-thirds of my weight so it is an ideal number for me to get reps in until I can build strength to tackle traditional pull-ups again.

One of the other major things that I really like about these bands is the value. I recently stopped by Walmart to check a few things out and I took a minute to look at their fitness and exercise section. They were selling a resistance band with integrated handles that was the equivalent of 50 lbs of resistance for $20. That one band cost almost as much as this entire set which comes with great accessories and bands that you can mix and match to achieve various resistance levels including 50 lbs. With value and versatility in mind, I would buy this set 100 times out of 100 when compared to the one band from Walmart.

As for quality, time will be the real test of these bands but I am very pleased so far. The carabiner attachment system and double stitching seem to be as durable as described. I also really appreciate that the company acknowledges the possibility that a band can break with their disclaimer warning. They offer a 1-year risk-free warranty because they believe in the quality of their bands but sometimes bands can be stretched too far or overworked and snap prematurely. They want to produce one of the best bands available on the market but this acknowledgment shows to me they understand the nature of their product and know its limitations.

All in all, I am very happy with my purchase and it works great for my modified pull-up routine. If you are looking into resistance bands as a substitute to weights (like Tom Brady and his TB12 method) or like me (because you can’t do enough traditional pull-ups) I really suggest you check these out. They will get the job done.

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