Sorry for the delay… Blogging is Difficult

Blogging is difficult. I have tried and failed with blogs before this one so I had some idea of its difficulty, but I am surprised by just how much work goes into blogging. I have a number of posts nearly ready to publish but over the past couple weeks, life has gotten in the way (they should be live soon!).

When I first started with this blog I planned to post at least five days a week. I have now reassessed my goals and starting now I will plan to post three days a week with all extra posts being bonus content. The new publishing schedule will be Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at noon Eastern time.

I hope that I will be able to increase my output again as the weather continues to warm and my son develops a more standard napping schedule but this will be the best I can do for now. Especially considering I have only averaged one post per week over the past couple of weeks.

Why has my output been down? Well, there are a couple of reasons.

  1. I have dedicated more time to my “dad joke” book. I have been busy writing the dialogs and will soon begin the illustration process. I am still debating on how much of it I will draw versus how much of it will be outsourced. If I can find a good deal I may outsource the entire thing and call it Comically Dad Jokes instead of Badly Drawn Dad Jokes. Regardless of the title, two things remain certain. It will feature comic strip style animations and it will be ready in advance of Father’s Day.
  2. While this blog will continue to be a focus in my life, I have been electing to sleep during some nights when in the past I would have been writing. To try to produce the volume of posts I was hoping for I would often stay up late and end up with a less than ideal amount of sleep. This worked for a while but since I have been getting back into exercising I am needing the sleep more. As a parent you already work on a sleep deficit, I was making it worse so I could produce content for this site. I am not going to be doing that any longer. I will focus on those three posts per week and see what I can accomplish during regular daytime hours. I’m fighting a sleep deficit. Photo Source:  
  3. Baseball season began. As you may or may not know, I love baseball and even wrote a post a while back about it. Well, baseball season began last week and for the first time in several years, I was able to watch baseball games in my home. This opportunity was shortlived unless I have a change of heart, but it was quite enjoyable. What did I do differently? I signed up for a trial of YouTubeTV. YouTubeTV is one of only two ways to watch NESN without paying for a full cable package. I have had only basic TV along with my internet subscription for several years so I have been unable to watch Red Sox games unless they have been on Fox. I might end up downgrading my cable package to internet only and subscribe to YoutubeTV at an additional cost of $10 to $2o per month but I am still debating the value. I loved watching the games again but I went a while without watching consistently, I can do it again.
  4. I have been looking into other ways to promote this blog and also other sites to write and make money. I have been reaching out to other blog owners and doing some networking (more on that in future posts) but also learning more about writing on sites like or Both sites seem to offer great earning potential, so I might soon be expanding my writing to those platforms.

To those of you that have taken the time to stop by the site, thank you very much. I apologize for there being such a delay between posts. This should be the last time something like this happens for quite a while.

I feel encouraged by the progress I have made on this venture so far. As I mentioned earlier, blogging is difficult. It typically takes six months for a blog to make any kind of real impact so as I approach that halfway mark I am proud of myself for keeping with it. Many blogs are abandoned before they reach that milestone and I intend to do everything I possibly can to get to the six-month mark and well beyond. opportunities

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